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We've been in the digital marketing business for over 15 years and we're proud to be a multi-certified team of professional FUNatics. But don't get us wrong. We love life, but we take care of business. 

We are passionate about helping businesses and organizations discover effective solutions to major and minor website problems. And we love to simplify it, without overcomplicating the solution.

We've worked on projects from the Toyota Manufacturing plant to the adventurous life of motorcycling with Kawasaki Motors. But we've also helped many small businesses enhance their online digital strategy.

Our team has a professional skillset of web design, web development, content strategy, lead generation, email marketing, graphic design, videography, photography, and automation to help you get more done with fewer people.


Avanzar Technologies

Avanzar Interior Technologies is a premier company that provides the interiors for all Toyota Tacoma Trucks in the Southern Region of North America.

We received a call from Heartfire Media. We immediately went to work and assessed the situation. Let’s just say that we rescue people from bad website experiences.

New Life Christian Center

When the team at New Life Christian Center selected David Jaime Design for a web design and development partnership, two realizations quickly surfaced. First, the size and complexity of the website would pose some unique challenges. But secondly, we had an opportunity to build something great and that was exciting!


Kawasaki Motors

Kawasaki of Universal City is family-owned and operated. U.S. Cycles was founded in June of 1969 by Gerry and Gail Booher who have been avid power sports enthusiasts since the early 1960s. David purchased his motorcycle from Gerry and offered his web design services. Gerry called 2 days later and the rest is history.

Church Pros

We took on this project not realizing that this was one of the most challenging but fulfilling projects we have ever done. We brainstormed a completed plan and fulfilled everything from an animated logo intro, several videos, graphic design of all visual images, online e-commerce store…


Certifications to Deliver Quality Websites

Skillset Matters. Education Matters.


We Make it Happen

This crew here is ready to serve you. We despise the status quo, which creates our unique creative company culture

David Jaime

Co-Founder, CEO

Veronica Jaime

Co-Founder, CDO

Mike Jaime

UI/UX, Web Strategist